All fishing licenses must be purchased online via Fisheries & Oceans Canada Register today!

ps ... Do not forget to purchase your $6. Salmon Tag

Cancellations will be subject to the weather on the day of your scheduled booking.

We can reschedule (postpone) to meet your needs.

1/2 day - 5 hours - $450 CDN (Canadian Dollars), We can which accommodates up to 4 people.

Full day - 8 hours - $750 CAN (Canadian Dollars) We can which accommodates up to 4 people.

Inquire on full or small packages*

  • Adventure Tours*

  • Whale Watching*

  • Catch Dungeness Crabs*

  • Marine Services available.

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Harbour Tours & Sightseeing

HARBOUR TOURS: Whether it is two or six maximum, a slow tour on the water can be for sightseeing or  a Bachelorette Party as a unique experience for out of town guests ( they really love it!).  Rate $400 (3-4hrs)

Optional: Boating & Fishing Therapy

ptional - Boating/Fishing Therapy - try this!: Yes, this can be considered as "therapy". If you need to get out on the water for a tranquil experience with your choice of music played....we offer scheduled availability up to 4 persons. Cruise around, lookmat sealife, stop and float, set a rod and drag a hook - enjoy the solitude & leave the stress and drama on land, just "get away" it is rejuvenating!!  Do not hire a Therapist, this is your therapy! It really works.

Rate $350 - $450 (3-5hrs)

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MARINE SERVICES: Royal Bay Charters and Marine Services Inc. Owns and operates a 3 ton Isuzu mobile crane truck with 30 ft of main sectioned stiff boom. This small crane can lift, load, transport, fit into tight spots, light enough for docks, Ferry cost friendly (Gulf Islands?) And can lift out Boat Engines, Masts, Boys or aid in any marine maintenance, dockside or on land.

Rate is $85 per hour.

Rent 3 Ton Crane Trucke...

For Rent: 3 ton crane truck, with 12 ft box/deck.
Does Pick Up & Deliver, if needed. Royal Bay Charters & Crane delivery services


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