All fishing licenses must be purchased online via Fisheries & Oceans Canada Register today!

ps ... Do not forget to purchase your $6. Salmon Tag

Cancellations will be subject to the weather on the day of your scheduled booking.

We can reschedule (postpone) to meet your needs.

1/2 day - 5 hours - $450 CDN (Canadian Dollars), We can which accommodates up to 4 people.

Full day - 8 hours - $750 CAN (Canadian Dollars) We can which accommodates up to 4 people.

Inquire on full or small packages*

  • Adventure Tours*

  • Whale Watching*

  • Catch Dungeness Crabs*

  • Marine Services available.

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Harbour Tours & Sightseeing

HARBOUR TOURS: Whether it is two or six maximum, a slow tour on the water can be for sightseeing or  a Bachelorette Party as a unique experience for out of town guests ( they really love it!).  Rate $400 (3-4hrs)

Optional: Boating & Fishing Therapy

ptional - Boating/Fishing Therapy - try this!: Yes, this can be considered as "therapy". If you need to get out on the water for a tranquil experience with your choice of music played....we offer scheduled availability up to 4 persons. Cruise around, lookmat sealife, stop and float, set a rod and drag a hook - enjoy the solitude & leave the stress and drama on land, just "get away" it is rejuvenating!!  Do not hire a Therapist, this is your therapy! It really works.

Rate $350 - $450 (3-5hrs)

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